Guest Posting #2

I was guest posting at Heatherly Loves yesterday. Go check it out to know how I made my daughter´s birthday party banner. Thanks Heather for having me. 


July: Refashion Month at House of Estrela

Not much has been going around this blog. I have been busy, as I have mentioned before, IT IS the blog that has been quite lifeless lately. 

Back in May I have told you about a few things I was working on... 
#1 - Party Favours - they are done now, will share after G.'s birthday party. 
#2 - Dress for G.'s birthday - done, will share after G.'s birthday party. 
#3 - Flamenco Dress for G. - done, will show pretty soon. 
#4 - Top Refashioning - still unfisnished. 
#5 - Blue dresses - both started, none finished. 
#6 - Flamenco Pants - done, will show as soon as possible. 
#7 - Dresses for sister and niece - not even started yet. 
I have to finish it all (the ones I haven't yet), until the end of the month (all but #4), and then I'll be more free to start thinking about something fun. And I have actually thought about it. I have been wanting to refashion/recycle a LOT of clothes items I have around the house. Things I no longer use, things V. no longer uses, things I have been given and things I bought but then didn't really like or dared to use in public. I guess I bought them for therapy!!! lol
But I won't go thinking TOO BIG because I know I might not make it, so I'll take it slowly and will challenge myself to accomplish every week, at least one refashion  project during July
I will try to chose a piece of clothing that I like and try to recreate it with the clothes I already have in the waiting pile. Making this I will be creating new clothes for me  or my girl; I will be following one of my 2012 resolutions; I will be making something that I love.
 So, why not? 


Recycling Project: Part II

As shown at Refashion co-op:

Here comes the second part of daddy's shirt refashion. In my latest post I have showed you what I did with the sleeves of the shirt, and here's the second pair of pants I made G. for her to crawl and walk around the house... This way, I can save a lot her new clothes... =) One might get addicted into making some of this. 


Recycling Project: Part I

As shown at refashion co-op:
I made G. a few pair of pants, pretty good and comfy for her to crawl all around the house. So far, I have used a sweat shirt from her daddy's. From its sleeves I made her a pair, the one showing on the picture above. and from the body of the shirt I made another one. Which I will show as soon as I get her into a shoot mood... heheh... I really liked those, because they have the brown strip on both sides. Since I used the already existing sleeves to make them, it was actually a very quick and easy project. I just had to sew both sleeves together, make a waist band and add an elastic. 
Keep coming to see the rest of the pants I've been making her.  
I almost forgot to take a picture of the before, but it came to mind right in time before I cut anymore...


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