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Knock it off Girl Dress

Over at Elegance & Elephants blog, Heidi is hosting a Knock it Off Series. Where mom designers have been creating amazing looks, inspired by existing (and most of the times too expensive) pieces. I've been following it and loving and recently, I was just going through some picture albums, trying to organize all I have saved through the last couple of years, and I came across a picture.
This image was given to me by a costumer, she wanted me to make a dress like that one for her daughter's first birthday. I did try my best, especially because she didn't live close enought to come and try it on, so I just had to hope it'd fit well.
I couldn't help but to immediately think about making my own Knock it Off post. It's fun! My costumer didn't like the light tone of pink, so I made it darker, which I personaly like better too. Besides, instead of making a white diapper cover with pink ruffles, I made a pink one with white ruffles. I soooo love mine better. I …

My first Sock Monkeys

I've been working on a charity project lately. Someone has asked their readers (portuguese blog, that's why I'm not sharing here) to make sock and glove dolls to share in some pediatric hospitals. I never made such dolls, though I would like to try sometime. I joined the cause. I started by making one only. But my precious little girl thought it was pretty cool to hang around all day, so I had no choice but to give it to her.
I made two more sock monkeys to make up for this one she kept.

Here's the tutorial I followed.

So, I bought new pairs of socks and started them. Here's how they ended up like:
And she was trying to make these two her own as well, she played around with them for a little, before they were finished and then allowed me to give the final touches.  Aren't they so cute? And I'm very proud of my three first sock monkeys! Do you like them?

Baby Shoes

I tried a little refashion/recycling lately. My niece has a 5 months old (tomorrow actually!) baby girl, and I haven't been doing much for her. I guess I get stucked on doing things for my own little girl, and kinda forget about anything else. So, as I was saying, I tried a little refashion, I got a pair of V.'s damaged jeans and cut a piece from one of the legs to create a new pair of baby shes. These are not the first pair of baby shoes I make, but they are the first ones I make using this pattern.  Here they are: I would make some changes in this pattern if I'll use it again. I wasn't really pleased with it, but it worked anyway. I'll give them to the little one today... let's hope her mommy likes them.

When Things go Wrong 2

I already finished the sailor inspired pants a couple of days ago, but still need to get some pictures taken. G. is actually wearing them today. I love to see her on these. But it's raining a lot outside, and it's dark inside, so pictures of it must wait for a better day. 
Since I hate waste and want to keep using clothes from my huge pile of clothes to refashion, I wanted to make her a matching vest. But I wanted to make a lined vest. I thought I knew how to make one. I did make vests before, but I suddenly had a black out. It went wrong and I had to come online, trying to figure out what was I doing wrong. 
I got it now! This tutorial has helped a lot! So, hopefully I will get it done by the end of the day.