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Maratón Telaria | 1. retro |

The Maratón Telaria has started last week. We had until the 27th to join the sewalong flickr group with the first theme: RETRO. So, guess when I decided to sew my piece?! Exactly, the 27th. Which meant I had to sew my dress, take pictures, and edit them to enter. 
But, of course I did it. I spent all this time convinced I wanted to do a rockabilly look for G. but then, as I got lost online, I chose to get inspired on those lovely short 70's dresses. Mine wasn't so short though and I'll tell you why. 
front and back view of dress - it closes on the back with snaps. 
As I've been saying forever, G. has got way too many clothes that fit for now. When I say she doesn't need anymore, I mean, I don't know where to keep anymore clothes, there's no space for them, really. That's actually something that has been keeping me unmotivated lately. I mean, I have been sewing, behind the scenes, but I'm not really in the mood to get too creative. 

So, back to the r…

31 Days of Halloween guest post

It is my turn today.  Go over Get your crap together and check the tutorial for a refashioned Sock Monkey costume!

The Dreaming of Spring Blazer | day 3 of the Sew Along |and a big surprise for sew alongers|

First of all, I have to apologise for taking more than expected to come back with the next steps for the construction of our blazer.
I'm going to start with the big news for everyone who sews along. Don't forget to join the flickr group and share your blazer after it's done. You have until the 30th of November, after that myself and Marta from DoGuincho will pick up our favorite one and the winner will be getting a FREE copy of Marta's first pattern: The Bubble Shorts which I have also sewn and showed here
sew along
day 1 
day 2 

So let's continue...
Today we are going to repeat steps from last day using the lining this time. Sew all pieces together, close shoulders, close sleeves and attach them to body.
Then put your hands on the collar pieces. Make sure one of them is interfaced. Put both pieces right sides together and sew all around but the bottom. Clip corners, turn around and press. Fold in half and and slightly cut it or mark it any other way you want so y…

The one that didn't make it to the competition

For the project that didn't make it to the competition, I used these:

both from the hubby
While competing in the Refashion Runway, I had a rough week with the peplum theme, as you can read here. Not only were we sick, I didn't like the theme - and still don't -, my camera wasn't working (hence this cell phone pictures inside the house) and I couldn't be less pleased with what I created. 
I overcame all these though, and started from 0 in order to feel satisfied about what I was doing. I then did the peplum shorts and felt so much better about it. I wasn't confident enough though and just like I thought, I didn't make it through that week. 
I still sewed for the leather refashion themed week, but it didn't even make it to the competition. That's ok though. I wanted to sew along the Halloween theme, but I've been going round and round with some witch costumes ideas for the little miss... the problem, I want something different, and can't decid…

Refashion Runway Week 4: Leather

It looks like I didn't get to this week's competition. I was voted out with the peplum challenge. I still don't regret that I made it for my daughter, and I am happy for the challenges I faced until here. I have really enjoyed my time competing, I am so glad it allowed me to "meet" new refashionists I didn't before and see how great and inspiring their work has been. I will try to sew along the two remaining themes which are Halloween and Winter White.

By now, I will leave you with what I had made to enter the leather challenge if I had passed last's weeks. Enjoy! And, by the way, please go there and vote for your favorite...

Contrary to last week, I was excited for the leather challenge. Working with this material wasn't new to me. I have actually done a few things in the past, with leather and vinyl... My only problem was not having any leather piece to refashion! I asked my friends in facebook if anyone could donate anything to me, nobody answered…

The Dreaming of Spring Blazer | day 2 of the Sew along

Welcome to day two of the blazer sew along. Yesterday, we have assembled our pattern, cut and tape what needed to be taped. Check day 1 here.

When we're done today, we will have the outter piece of our blazer almost done.

We will work with the main fabric and interfacing today. So start by fusing them together. You won't  have to interface two of the front center pieces. Put them aside, we'll work on them tomorrow. 
Pin and sew center and side front pieces, right sides together. Clip round seams. I didn't in the previous blazers I made, but my interfacing is too thick this time so I needed to. Press seams to the side, turn to right side and top stitch if you like to (optional and was never used in the previous blazers). Press it again if needed. 
Pin and sew center back pieces, right sides together. Turn around and press seams open.
Start pinning back sides to the center pieces, first a pin on the bottom and a pin on top. Pin along the seam, sew it and press towards th…

The Dreaming of Spring Blazer |FREE PDF Pattern| day 1 of the Sew along

EDITED: You have until the 30th of November to link your blazer to the flickr group to have a chance to win a free pattern for the Bubble Shorts pattern by DoGuincho. Read more about it here.

If you are new to my blog, you might not know that I have promised to share a pattern for the blazer I made my daughter when I competed in the Sew Off. If you were following already back then, well, I am sorry I kept you waiting for so long. If you haven't yet, you might want to check out the blazers my friend testers made. You'll love them, I'm so sure!

It was about time to give something back, since I've been getting so much from this wonderful sewing community, and keep up with my word. After all, I've always heard it's better late than never, right? And it's FREE so: please don't complain.

This pattern will fit a 18 months to 2 year old, but I believe it has space to grow - especially on the sleeves department. I guess it really depends on your child. Mine was…

|Refashion Runway| Week 3: Peplum

So, this is the third week of Refashion Runway and I can say it has been my personal little hell week. I've been thinking what would I make with the peplum theme since I knew I was a contestant. I knew this wouldn't be an easy one for me, but I wasn't counting with a sick kid, and being sick myself too, while trying to come up with a design that would please me. The hardest part? I'm not very fond of peplums. 
I tried. I grabbed a t-shirt and a sweat shirt from hubby I was saving for so long... and just let me tell you... now I feel sorry I used them. I had in mind a comment from someone else, who said she didn't care for the children refashions because she had no children and it wasn't inspiring for her. I don't know why, but that got to me, I kept thinking about it, so I tried and did a dress for myself. The only problem is that I hated it. I finished the thing and took a few photos, though I didn't like a single one of them. I had given up already, …

Dreaming of Spring Blazer Pattern Preview

Oh gosh! My little miss was in a posing mood that day! That never happens!!!
I am really proud of this. The first pattern I've drafted for others to use. I've been drafting my own patterns for a while, but this was the first time I had other talented seamstresses trying one of my patterns. They were all quite helpful, and you're getting a better pattern and instructions thanks to them. I can never thank them enough. 

There were 5 ladies testing it and helping me out. What to say? I adore every blazer they made, and I was so happy that they all loved it. I was nervous, and excited all at once when I first contacted them to test it for me. 
So, today I am going to share those beauties they made out of this pattern. In the same order I got to see their creations. SO, first on the line is Suzanne Winter from Winter Wonderings (...), with her flower blazer, made out of old curtains... how clever is that?! Suzanne skipped the pockets, and it still looks adorable. I love the colo…